HOBOKEN TANGO LAB - Monroe Center For The Arts

HOBOKEN TANGO LAB is dedicated exclusively to Argentine Tango and offers group classes, private classes, wedding dance lessons and holds a monthly tango social.

My goal is to teach students the basics and intricacies of Argentine Tango and prepare them to step onto the dance floor.   
My own dancing and teaching reflects a belief in a strong connection, lead and follow, a well rounded Tango technique, which will allow both leaders and followers ultimately to dance with sensitivity and creativity, freely and expressively. 
How to be aware of your own body, how to communicate subtly with your partner by developing a gentle, comfortable yet strong embrace, and dance musically. 

Individual feedback is essential to every learning process, so
classes are kept small, and I always work personally and closely with my students.    
I like to create a relaxed, fun and supportive atmosphere in class and I strive to guide and help all my students to find their own unique dance style.

Your dancing will become more refined and evolved as you go, but I believe that -with the right approach and guide- you can dance from the very first moment!

For inquiries and to sign up please contact me at: 
email: fusiontango@msn.com
Text or call: (917) 445-8370
All classes held at the Monroe Center for the Arts
720 Monroe St./ 2nd Floor, Studio E-208 (@ Hob'art)
Hoboken, NJ 07030


 Photography by: Jan Kounitz
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