HOBOKEN TANGO LAB - Monroe Center For The Arts


Classes restart Friday, August 14

4-Week Total Beginner Series starts:
Friday, August 14 @ 7:30PM

4- Week Advanced Beginner Series starts:
Friday, August 14 @ 8:30PM

$80 per person/ Class is 60 min. long
-NOTE:This is a series. Once you start taking classes, you must attend all (4) Beginner Group lessons consecutively. Each class builds up from where the previous one left. This allows for the best possible, most enjoyable and rewarding learning experience.
If you must miss one (1) class, it may be made up during the following series or by attending a similar level class during the same session.
You must contact us and reserve your makeup.

HOBOKEN TANGO LAB is dedicated exclusively to Argentine Tango.
My goal is to teach students the basics and intricacies of Argentine Tango and prepare them to step onto the dance floor.   My own dancing and teaching reflects a belief in a strong connection, lead and follow, a well rounded Tango technique, which will allow both dancers ultimately to dance with sensitivity and creativity, freely and expressively. 
How to communicate subtly with your partner by developing a gentle, comfortable yet strong embrace, and dance musically.
Awareness and control of one’s own body frees the dancer to focus on the connection with one's partner and the music.
I combine elements and like to move smoothly from close to open embrace as a means of allowing myself as well as my students a freedom in finding their own unique dance style.
Individual feedback is essential to every learning process and I always work personally and closely with my students.    
I like to create a relaxed, fun and supportive atmosphere in class.
 Photography by: Jan Kounitz
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