HOBOKEN TANGO LAB - Monroe Center For The Arts


7 PM Absolute Beginner*
8 PM Advanced Beginner* 

7:30 PM Intermediate (Ongoing) 
Privates (by appointment)

*NOTE:This is a series. Once you start taking classes, you must attend all (4) Beginner Group lessons consecutively. Each class builds up from where the previous one left. This allows for the best possible, most enjoyable and rewarding learning experience. If you must miss one (1) class, it may be made up during the following series or by attending a similar level class during the same session. You must reserve your make up class in advance. Partner required for all classes.
$80 per person/ Class is 60 min. long

Private Lessons (by appointment)
A great way to improve your dance skills through individual, personalized attention. (60 min. long)
Wedding Dance Lessons (by appointment)
5-class package: learn the basics, find your rhythm and connection, look fantastic on your first dance. 
10-class package: learn the basics and end up with a tailored,  choreographed routine to the song you choose.            
Pre-Requisite: None.
In this class you will learn the absolute basics of Argentine tango. This class will introduce fundamentals of lead and follow, posture and technique, proper embrace and connection and will prepare you to progress to the next level of classes.  
Advanced Beginner
Pre-Requisite: Completion of Beginner Series.
In this class you will work on and refine the steps that make up the fundamental structure of Argentine tango. This class will reinforce fundamentals of lead and follow. 
Pre-Requisite: 6 months of Argentine tango or a minimum of 3 Advanced Beginner Series. 
In this class you will learn more intricate and technically complex variations. You will be encouraged to strengthen your improvisational skills and technique and develop your personal style. You will improve your skills in close embrace. 
Join us every Friday night for a fun and relaxed Practica. The idea of this Practica is to provide tango dancers of all levels an opportunity to practice, collaborate, explore.
It is a wonderful way to explore new ideas, repeat steps and build up confidence. It is only through many hours of dancing that the subleties of connection and movement can be finetuned. The Practica is a valuable tool to anyone who really wants to progress their tango dancing.
If you are a beginner wanting to experience this fascinating dance or if you are a more experienced dancer who wants to improve, then the Practica is ideal for you. i am on hand to help with any questions you might have.
Photography by: Jan Kounitz
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