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Wedding Dance Lessons

Classes held in Hoboken (Monroe Center) and New York (Midtown location).

"Sandra is the best. Especially if you are learning a whole choreography for your wedding. Having tango classes with a person that is sooo sweet and patient makes it easier to learn. Hoboken Tango Lab is the place to go!" Scarlett T.

"Thank you, Sandra for helping my husband and I nail our wedding dance with style! Carolina M.

"Sandra is a true professional and an excellent tango instructor. She shows extreme patience...and provides encouragement all the way. My husband was a total newbie to tango. She taught us the basics in a short period of time and showed us simple steps that we could work into our dancing" Mabel B.

Your wedding dance should be really special and unique...

Why not Argentine Tango? Wow your guests by dancing the most captivating, elegant and sensual of all dances.

End up with a tailored, choreographed routine that captures you and your personality, to the song of your choice and look fantastic on your first dance.

Together we will design the lesson program that best suits you.

By providing you with a fun and relaxed atmosphere, a private rehearsal space. -yes, you will not be sharing space or music with others!-, tons of individual attention and dance expertise, you will love your experience and maybe even discover a lifelong dance partnership and love for dancing.

You will be guided to feel confident embracing your partner while executing some exciting dance moves, while your guests will be enthralled as you do your first dance!

For inquiries and to sign up please contact me at:


Text or call: (917) 445-8370

All classes held at the Monroe Center for the Arts

720 Monroe St./ 3rd Floor, Studio E-308 (@ Pilates Fitness Boutique)

Hoboken, NJ 07030


Argentine Tango Classes

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